Investigator in operations to detect and investigate economic crime

Criminal Investigation of Insurance Fraud for Insurance
Combating property crime and transport theft
Detection and education of product piracy

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Cross-border cooperation

The team of specialists carries out investigations in each region. For cross-border measures, best partner relations with licensed investigators in Europe.


ECIS Investigation exclusively supports companies and law firms in the area of ​​Investigation & Consulting. Investigations and advisory services on all relevant economic offenses are carried out at any time on a legal basis and, if necessary, in close cooperation with the relevant law enforcement authorities. The network of specially trained security professionals stands ready for you flexibly and at short notice in every state. ECIS Investigation guarantees a trusting cooperation with a high level of personal commitment and maximum result orientation.

ECIS realizes investigations of claims in the areas of liability, property and health insurance - in particular for transport, fire and personal injury, vehicle theft and accident damage.

Business review
Due Dilligence measures to new and old business partners are the basis of a trusting business relationship and the associated corporate security.
Product piracy
The investigation will focus on the detection and prosecution of trademark abuse and counterfeiting through targeted market investigations and permanent monitoring in relevant action areas.

Personnel review
Employees are the capital of the company. Reviewing applicants, key personnel and outside personnel is very important minimizing risks and preventing corporate crime.
Property offenses
The aim of the investigation of actions in the area of ​​property crime is the identification of the perpetrators and the clarification of the crime.

Strong network

We have detection specialists throughout Europe.

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Olaf Wernick


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