Product piracy

Trademark infringement or patent violations can significantly reduce sales for the product developer and manufacturer. Plagiarism not only damages the brand image, but also threatens the existence of the company. Product pirates bask in the brilliance of other services. They harm the European economy, endanger jobs, the safety and health of consumers. Ecis-Investigation offer control strategies for the maximum possible containment and prosecution of brand abuse and counterfeiting.

The detection and clarification of product piracy is the targeted fight against organised crime and includes the offence fields of smuggling, forgery, crimes against physical inegrity and fraud.

Product pirates are active across borders and accept the threat to consumers in their actions.

  • Dates and internet research on relevant persons/companies/products/Brands
  • Targeted reviews of Internet platforms/auctions, shops, social network
  • Brandmonitoring on the World Wide Web
  • Address checks (letter box companies, virtual companies)
  • National and international Register reviews/Economic databases
  • General Informative market research
  • Specific targeted reviews of wholesalers
  • Audits of persons acting, business connections, partners, customers, suppliers
  • Financial Information
  • Investigation into the actual business activity, production, distribution, storage of relevant goods
  • Physical reconnaissance of company locations, warehouses, distribution channels, construction of bogus transactions