Property offenses

Offences of economic crime cause enormous total damage to all criminal offences recorded in police crime statistics. In particular, property offences such as fraud, burglary, theft, property damage, transport theft, robbery, infidelity or corruption in economic life are only known to a limited extent. The prosecution of such offences by the police is hardly to be afforded for many reasons.

  • Criminal searches for Modus operandi
  • General data and Internet research to take/suspects
  • Address Checks, Crime scene investigation
  • Identification and consultation of suspects, participants and witnesses
  • Register Checks
  • Review of business and private persons contacts of relevant people
  • Investigation of witness, motives, etc.
  • Financial information on relevant persons
  • Investigation of stolen goods (Internet, sales platforms, etc.)
  • Investigation of internal processes in affected companies
  • Infiltration of under cover agents
  • Report/Picture System/Documents/Evidence